In the tour between Beijing and Xi’an, we usually Choose flights from Air China. The concrete information of the company, the airports and the flights will be intorduced in the following.


Air China Limited
Air China Limited is a joint venture group of the former Air China, China National Aviation Company and China Southwest Airlines, which were combined in 2002 and listed in Hong Kong and London in 2004. It is one of the three biggest airlines of China, with the other two being China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines.

The logo of Air China is consisted of an artistic Phoenix pattern and its Chinese and English names, with the color of Chinese red. It aims to become a well-known global airline, servicing the citizens of the whole world.

Air China is the only civil aviation with China’s national flag and a member of the Star Alliance. It was the official airline partner of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and lead in passenger and freight air transport and related services. And it is responsible for the transportation of official visiting, including the visiting of leaders. It also is the shareholder of many other companies.


Air China possesses 497 aircrafts, with an average age of 6.33 years. It runs 298 passenger routes, in which 71 are international routes, 15 are regional routes and 212 are domestic routes. The routes cover 31 countries and 154 cities. Though the cooperating with Star Alliance member airlines, its service network extends to 1,328 destinations of 195 countries.

Air China has a professional team, with excellent technical skills and good service consciousness. They have completed a polar flight by opening the tough Chengdu – Lhasa route, even performing successful night flights to Lhasa in 2008.

As a major operator, Beijing Capital International Airport tries to provide its guests with the best services, including ground services such as passengers’ entry, departure and transit services, special passenger services, VIP services, elite services, luggage services, etc. Passengers can check-in and ship the luggage themselves. At the moment, Air China operates with the mode of “center loading and distribution”.

About CA1236

Departure Arrival Duration Type Seats
Xianyang Airport Capital Airport 20:45-22:35 Airbus About 170