The Restaurant of Huaqing Aegean

Huaqing Aegean International Hot Springs Resort & Spa is a hotel of 4 stars and it is opened in 2006. As the first hotel of spa in China, it locates beside Huaqing Hot Spring, 9 kilometers from Terracotta Warriors.

Huaqing Aiqinhai4

There are two restaurants in the hotel for group visitors. The atmosphere there are warm and comfortable, complemented by hundreds of carefully modulated health recipes. The food in the restaurant is mainly Cantonese cuisine, supplemented with local flavors. There are both dishes of Chinese and Western flavors.

Huaqing Aiqinhai1

Individual visitors have separate place for meals. The meal we choose is the traditional Chinese food with local flavor. According to the number of visitors, we will provide meals of two, three or four peoples, etc.

Huaqing Aiqinhai3